HeyWhatsThat Mobile Frequently Asked Questions
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This is the Mobile FAQ for HeyWhatsThat.com. Be sure to visit the main site, whose mission is to tell you the names of the mountains you can see when you're standing almost anywhere in the world, and the general FAQ, which lists all the features that HeyWhatsThat has to offer. And please sign up for our occasional email announcements.

How do I get HeyWhatsThat on my mobile?

iPhone: HeyWhatsThat is now a web app. Start the Safari browser and visit m.heywt.com. (Be sure to bookmark the site with "Add to Home Screen" so it will run as a web app.)

Android: Use the mobile browser to visit m.heywt.com. (We're developing an application that wraps that web site with some code to access the mobile's built-in compass; if you're feeling lucky you can download it here. Hint: hit Surprise me then OFF to enable the compass.)

Other GPS-enabled mobile phones: Visit where.com and follow the instructions to install WHERE and to add the HeyWhatsThat widget to your account.


On all the phones, hit "Show me the view from here." After a two minute computation, you'll see your panorama marked with distant peaks. Scroll from peak to peak with the arrows and use the buttons or menu to see the List and Details views. Go back and try the Surprise Me menu entry to see some particularly nice pre-computed results.

How do I contact you?